Religion and Spirituality

I am committed to the belief that a just world is possible, and that religion’s role is to help usher in that world, abandoning exclusionary theology, oppressive regimes, and violence done in God’s name.  For me, spirituality is not about magical thinking or the supernatural; I feel very strongly that religion is to be about building strong, healthy, and inclusive communities in the here-and-now, not solely concerned with the here-after.

The Arts play a large role in my sense of all things, perhaps especially those things which are spiritual-centered. Throughout my work run themes addressing practices of creativity, embodiment, and (re)imagining the Divine, all of which are addressed at the websites I maintain. THEOPOETICS(dot)NET is the largest online hub for information related to theopoetics, a perspective on theology which argues that how we are articulate experience can change our experience. The Image of Fish is a more general blogging site at which I post a variety of things, almost all related to my studies, reflection, and practice of religion. In addition to these online sources, I periodically publish in academic journals, denominational resources, and speak at various venues either as preacher or lecturer.

My wife and I serve in the ministry within the Religious Society of Friends: I carry a concern for the power of language to guide our lives and dreams and travel under the endorsement of Rochester Monthly Meeting, Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting, and New York Yearly Meeting. With my wife Kristina, I have taught Quaker Faith and Practice at Pendle Hill, and have created a series of adult religious education videos for use in Quaker Meetings. In the ministry I travel widely and have co-lead retreats in Michigan, Ottawa, Vermont, and various venues in New York state.  I was a plenary speaker for the National conference on Quaker Leadings and Discernment, and have been the invited leader of Bible Study for both Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting, and New York Yearly Meeting's Annual Sessions.  I am interested in the practices of Early Friends and issues of discipline and transformation within Monthly Meetings. My minute of travel is also available online.

I am also quite interested in the Emergent Church, and Kristina and I co-facilitate the cohort here in Rochester. 

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