Teaching and Consulting

LecturingI am a teacher by training and inclination. I have worked as a teacher in theatre, dance, and music. I've worked in public schools at the middle and high school level, taught Italian in a full language immersion program, lead church retreats, and presented workshops and lectures all over the US. I work with adults and children of all ages and believe that all people are innately curious beings.

My research for my Masters in Teaching investigated the role of narrative in the classroom, and as a result, story plays a significant part of my stance as a teacher. I am particularly interested in the use of narrative to assist students in developing mastery and increased means to comprehend abstract ideas. As a Humanities teacher at McAuliffe Regional Charter School, I was the co-designer of an integrated thematic curriculum that combined English Language Arts standards with those from World History.  The resulting course addressed topics in literature and social studies in a cyclical, constructivist way, returning to cultures and concepts repeatedly so as continue to build on background knowledge and assist in making connections. Currently I am interested in the use of theatre, poetry, and storytelling in cross-curricular development of lessons.Post Its

As a consultant I work with organizations looking to address issues of board development, and with churches and para-church groups interested in growing skills of discernment and vocation care. I work frequently with youth-focused non-profits helping to develop programs in leadership and vocational discernment.

These days I am available for programs in the following:

  • Integration of the arts into classroom settings
  • Improvisational theater and workshops on improv and spirituality
  • The importance of creativity and imagination in education and spiritual formation
  • Developing practices of deep listening, communal discernment, and vocation care
  • Quaker faith and practice, especially of the sort grounded in a Christian tradition
  • Adult Religious Education curricullum review and development

If you are interested in having me come to speak, teach, or facilitate a workshop with your organization, please get in touch.


Selected Speaking Engagements

“Vision for a Transformed Church”
     Talk at “Transformational Leadership and The Prophetic Witness” | Earlham School of Religion Leadership Conference, August 2015.

"On Sacred Struggles in Covenant Community"
     Plenary Panelist at New England Yearly Meeting Sessions, August 2015.

"Discernment 101: Searching for Vocation in Community"
     Talk and Workshop at Emory's Youth Theological Institute, July 2015.

“Learning in the Rhythms of Life: US Public Education and Grace Jantzen's Natal Epistemology"
     Talk at “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization” | 9th International Forum on Ecological Civilization Conference,  June 2015

"What's the Point of (Adult) Religious Education Anyway?"
     Talk at "Emerging Practices in Quaker Outreach" | New England Yearly Meeting Consultation, April 2015.

“Bibliographies and Bodies in the Theological Search for Social Justice”
Talk as Friend-in-Residence | Earlham School of Religion & Bethany Theological Seminary, March 2015

“Discerning in Community: Challenges and Joys”
     Talk as Theologian-in-Residence – Youth Discernment Retreats | Forum for Theological Exploration, March & April 2015

“Transforming Power: A History of Quaker Advocacy”
     Talk – Spring Lobbyist Training Weekend | Friends National Committee on Legislation, March 2014

“Improvising Life: Theatre and Truth in Comedy”
Talk and Workshop – Power of Words Conference | Transformative Lanugage Arts Network, September 2014
“Made as Makers and the Role of Imagination in Theology”
Film and Talk – Challenges of the 21st Century | Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School April, 2013

“Theological Epistemology in The Emergent Church: A Form of Paul Ricoeur's Relational Attestation”
     Conference Paper – Open and Relational Theologies Group | American Academy of Religion, Nov. 2013

“The Soul in Silent Worship: Perspectives from Early Friends and Current Practice”
     Talk and Workshop –  Soul Festival | Manhasset Friends Meeting, May 2012

“An Exploration of Creation” 
     Week-long Bible Study – Denominational Gathering | New York Yearly Meeting, July 2011

“Theopoetic Explorations and Fusings: Hyper-reality, Horizons, and the Reading of Scripture”
     Conference Paper – Phenomenology and Scripture Group | American Academy of Religion, Nov. 2010

“Lewis Carroll, Orthodox/Quaker Thought, The Audubon Society, and the Willingness to Squint”
     Talk – Theology after Google Conference | Claremont School of Theology, March 2010

“Writing for the Spoken Word”
     Talk – Quakers Uniting in Publications' Writers Conference | March 2010