I am a teacher by training and inclination.  I have worked as a theatre, dance, and instrumental instructor, worked in public schools at the middle and high school level, taught Italian in a full language immersion program, lead church retreats, and presented workshops on the use of narrative in education.  I work with adults and children of all ages and believe that all people are innately curious beings.

My research for my Masters in Teaching investigated the role of narrative in the classroom, and as a result, story plays a significant part of my stance as a teacher. I am particularly interested in the use of narrative to assist students in developing mastery and increased means to comprehend abstract ideas.

As a Humanities teacher at McAuliffe Regional Charter School, I was the co-designer of an integrated thematic curriculum that combined English Language Arts standards with those from World History.  The resulting course addressed topics in literature and social studies in a cyclical, constructivist way, returning to cultures and concepts repeatedly so as continue to build on background knowledge and assist in making connections. Currently I am interested in the use of theatre, poetry, and storytelling in cross-curricular development of lessons.


These days my interests are in several areas:

I periodically lecture and teach workshops at the undergraduate level on Arts integration into classroom settings.

I teach improvisational theater through my work with Search Engine Improv.

I teach adults mostly in the religious education setting, focusing on the Church and Media, theology, and the ideas of theopoetics.

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