The Arts

Comedy ClubI have been a creator my entire life. There are dozens of photographs of me making and crafting as a child: creating games to play with my brother and sister, reveling in paste and paper, and imagining worlds that I could explore on my own, dazing off into the middle distance as I envisioned far-away lands. That child is still very much a part of me, and given the pressure of society to Consume instead of Create, I am very glad that he has survived. These days my primary interests tend toward theater and spoken word.

In Rochester, NY I was a founding member of the improvisational theater group Search Engine Improv, with whom I performed regularly, taught improv, and organized the annual Fall Back Comedy Festival. I coached the improv teams "The Awesome Train" and "Valorous Bufanda." Relatedly, I was the co-founder and co-manager of The Space: an Venue for the Performing Arts, a publicly accessible theater made by artists for artists and their audiences.Interviewing

Beyond theatre, I periodically invest substantial periods of time into the writing of poetry, which is somewhat of a disciplined practice for me: I can tend to get caught up in big, abstract ideas, and poetics requires that you stay focused and present on the world around you, something I often need to work on. Poems of mine can be found in the anthology Spirit Rising as well as in my book Way to Water.  

Organizationally, I have served on the executive board of directors for the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, and currently serve as a director on the board of the Society for Art, Religion, and Contemporary Culture, and as the Chairperson for Leadership Council of The Transformative Language Arts Network.